AIM Attachments

AIM Attachments

Grove City, Ohio

Tel: 800.803.3365


Manufacturer of factory-direct sales of construction equipment attachments.

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AIM Attachments – – 1720 Fedden Avenue – 43123 – – –

Breaker/Hammer, Hydraulic Bucket, Bellhole Bucket, Ditching (EX)
Bucket, Ditching (CEX) (TLB) Bucket, G.P. (CEX) Bucket, G.P. (EX)
Bucket, G.P. (SS) Bucket, G.P. (TLB Backhoe) Bucket, Grapple (WL)
Bucket, High Dump (SS) Bucket, Multipurpose (SS) Bucket, Multipurpose (TLB Loader)
Bucket, Multipurpose (WL) Bucket, Side Dump (TLB) Bucket, Side Dump (WL)
Bucket, Spade Nose (WL) Bucket, V-Bottom Compaction Wheel-Static
Coupler, Excavator Coupler, TLB-Backhoe Coupler, Wheel Loader
Forks, Bucket Forks, Grapple/Clamp (SS) Forks, Pallet (SS)
Grapples Grapples (EX) Rake, Brush (CD)
Rake, Brush (EX) Rake, Brush (WL) Rake, Brush-Bucket Mounted (CD)
Rake, Brush-Bucket Mounted (WL) Rake, Grading (TLB/TL) Snow Bucket
Thumb, Mech./Hyd. (EX) Thumb, Mech./Hyd. (TLB)


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